Welcome to Lara Chitty Psychosexual & Relationship Therapy


Do you long to have a better relationship with your spouse or partner?  

I work with couples and individuals facing difficulty in their relationships and am experienced in working with psychosexual issues.

Whether the challenges you face are related to communication, intimacy, sex, trust issues, affairs or dysfunctions, I can help you.  I work with clients on their relationships, helping them to reconnect.  

Having sexual difficulties can feel very isolating.  You may feel embarrassed and awkward about speaking of them.  It takes courage and commitment to recognise you might need help to resolve a problem as a couple or an individual.

Throughout life we experience painful events and pressures, somehow we manage to carry on with our lives.  However, there can be times when we feel completely overwhelmed. Talking to an experienced therapist about the issues that are affecting you and your relationship, can help in finding a path through those troubled times, to find fulfilment and healing for yourself and your relationship.   


If I can be of any help please feel free to contact me for relationship or individual therapy in Salisbury.


Please email info@larachitty.com or phone 07702263110